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Dish Network offers quality programming and channel selections the entire family can enjoy with more features than the cable TV providers can offer. You can get everything you need for quality Home Entertainment for much less to which you would pay the cable TV companies.

Dish Network offers Parental Controls that let parents decide what the children in the house watch. These controls can be set to block entire channels and specific programming on the DVR and the regular channel selection. These controls can be adjusted to meet the needs of the different age groups in the home.


The DVR can record up to 90 hours of programming from the regular channel selection or the On Demand selections. It can be set to record programming and family as away, or it can be set to record programming that is currently being watched. The DVR can even record on one channel while the family is watching another channel. Dish Network On Demand and Pay Per View selections offer quality entertainment the whole family will enjoy it with sports programming, music videos, newly released movies and live sporting events like boxing and wrestling matches, championship fights, live music concerts in comedy events. These selections can it hours of entertainment for the entire family.

Dish Network offers programming that cable TV providers do not carry, giving them more of a channel selection to choose from. Dish Network also offers the HD 1080p formatting that has been compared to Blu Ray technology because of the sight and sound enhancement that it provides. HD 1080p formatting has up to six times the resolution as standard formatting. It provides even more definition than traditional HD.

Dish Network has several different programming packages to choose from, offered in a range of pricing that can fit comfortably in almost any budget. These programming packages include the America’s Top 120 package that offers at over 120 channels at very affordable prices. These channel selections include familiar favorites like MTV, Disney and ESPN.

Dish Network also offers their most popular package at a very affordable rate. The America’s Top 200 package has all of the quality channels from the America’s Top 120 package, with an additional 100 channels that variety and entertainment.

The Dish Network America’s Top 250 Package offers families over 250 channels to choose from, including the channels from the America’s Top 120 package and the America’s Top 200 package. The America’s Top 250 package has these channels with an additional 60 channels for the family to enjoy.


Dish Network provides the ultimate programming package with their America’s Everything Pak, offering up to 300 channels. This package includes the channels from the first a packages with the bonus of quality movie channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and STARZ. Your family can get what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, with Dish Network.

Dish Network can offer everything you need for quality home entertainment at affordable prices that fit comfortably into the monthly budget. Find out what your family can get with Dish Network today.

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