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Best Gaming TVs for PS4 in 2016

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You finally own a PS4 and nothing can stop you from having that awesome gaming experience, right! Wrong. One thing actually can. The television set, you pick to connect the console to. If you want to have an ethereal gaming experience you have to buy a television that can deliver. So, what exactly you should be looking for? You should find a television that responds quickly to your inputs on the controller, it should be able to clearly display static images like maps, inactive player, and so on for a long period, and should be full HD. If possible, you should look for a TV that comes with a Gaming Mode as well. This will be a really good feature to have. There are many televisions out there that cater to gamers. There will be quite a few that will easily pass the preliminary criteria too. So, to ease out your search, here are some of the best gaming TVs for PS4.

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Vizio P Series 2016

This is one of the frontrunners, when it comes to buying a gaming TV for PS4. With an input lag of a mere 17.7ms and negligible motion blur, it certainly justifies its top position. It offers a great picture quality and displays local dimming, which is not only great for playing games, but for watching movies in a dark room as well. It is an LED TV with a 4K resolution. It also should be understood that the picture quality is great indeed, but by LED standards and it does not compete with OLED. But it is the quick reaction time that makes the television a great buy for even professional gamers.

Samsung JS9000

The Samsung JS9000 SUHD series televisions deliver excellent results in the Gaming Mode. They are equipped with 4K technology, which makes them future-proof. So, you don’t have to worry about the TV becoming obsolete any time soon. Samsung JS9000 has remarkable picture production capabilities. The TVs have a very wide color gamut, which allows the final pictures to be rich, brilliant, and vibrant. This TV is particularly delightful for playing games that make intense use of color, or observe high attention to detail. Also, the TV is capable of rendering the game graphics spectacularly on the screen. The final output is beautiful in both dark and light conditions. Adding to this is the low input lag, and no perceptible motion blur, which makes it suitable for sports-based games as well.


Sony 810C

If you want a good quality TV, with all the bells and whistles like 4K resolution, superb audio quality, impressive picture quality, powerful brand name, and a decent price to go with it, then you should pick Sony 810C, without another thought. Granted, it doesn’t come with a lot of fancy options that are usually found in pricier 4K TVs, but it does best with what it has. It has a low input lag of 35.7ms, and a response time of 12.1ms. It even has a refresh rate of 120Hz. Together, these features combine to form a truly breathtaking gaming experience at an affordable price. The picture quality is excellent, the motion handling is noteworthy, and the sound quality is extraordinary. There is some loss of color saturation when viewed from side angles, but that has no effect on your gaming experience, unless there are multiple players.

LG UH8500

The LG UH8500 is an all-rounder of a television. It is an excellent living room entertainment system for the entire family, and also a great gaming accessory. Its low input lag of 31.4ms makes it a worthy candidate for playing all types of games on PS4. Then, there is the wide viewing angle, which makes it suitable for watching from the sides as well without having to compromise on the color or the picture quality. Thus, a whole bunch of your friends or family can sit around the television and enjoy the games together. Further, the TV sports WebOS 3.0 smart platform, which is a greatly improved interface from the previous version. Further, the low input lag, low response time of 11ms, and a refresh rate of 120Hz together make this TV suitable for playing any type of game on PS4 without compromising on anything. This TV is a delight to use.

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Samsung KS9000

The Samsung KS9000 is based on the LED screen technology. Although it does not produce as outstanding a picture quality as OLED, it has a far superior brightness level. Even in the brightest of living rooms, the pictures on the screen will be visible just fine. The 4K UHD TV is also equipped with HDR, which changes the dynamics of picture quality for LED TVs. Equipped with HDR and 4K technology, this TV is designed for the future. But, what makes is great for gaming is its low input lag, and low reflecting screen. The screen does not reflect light, which is good for playing hours at an end, without tiring the eyes. There is some deterioration in the quality of the pictures when viewed from side angles, which constrains the space for enjoying the game in front of the TV.

Vizio D Series 4K 2016

Vizio has recently come up with a truly inspiring set of televisions for its customers. They are affordably priced, despite featuring the latest technology and features. The Vizio D Series 4K 2016 is testimony to this philosophy of Vizio. Its design can only be described as uninspiring, but the TV is all about performance. So, the former can be ignored. The 4K UHD TV upscales the 1080p video output from your PS4 systematically to render it neatly on the screen. There is no loss of quality. Thanks to the revolutionary low input lag of 13.5ms, this TV can handle the most intense and the fastest games around, be it sports or live action games. However, there is significant loss in picture quality when viewed from the sides. But, at the price tag that it comes with, Vizio D Series 4K 2016 is a steal.

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