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Here’s Why Augmented Reality Will Kill TV!!

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Very soon, well maybe not so soon, but soon enough, you won’t need a television! Guess what, you won’t be needing a smartphone either. Since we are on the topic, you won’t be needing anything with a screen for that matter. Imagine a world without any flat screens to entertain you. No, this is not some apocalypse prediction, but a technological revolution. How would you like to be able to enjoy the convenience of all your entertainment gadgets, and squeeze it into one? If people working on various Augmented Reality (AR) devices have their way, then all you need in your life is an AR device to take care of all your entertainment needs.

Augmented Reality

An AR device projects a digital screen right in front of you, no matter where you are. There are different types of AR devices in various stages of development. Some of them need only a surface to project digital images. The surface can be anything – a wall, a table surface, a door, or even white board. Whenever you want to catch a movie, a TV show, or even a sporting event, all you will need to do is point the AR device on a surface, sit back, and enjoy. The best example of this is Microsoft’s HoloLens. You can use HoloLens as a replacement for any screen. This AR device is so versatile that you can even play console games on it.

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If projecting images on a surface doesn’t sound like your thing, then you can simply choose to go with an eyeglass. This type of device will be easy to wear, pretty much like an eyeglass. It may come with a headset design too. The eyepiece of the glass is where all the images will be projected. So, you will have ready access to entertainment on-the-go wherever you are. Whether you are travelling, lazing away on your porch, or sitting in a park, you will be able to enjoy your favorite entertainment, without any disturbance or inconvenience. There are also the contact lens ARs being developed, which can project images right to your retina. Thus, all you will need for your all-round entertainment is a pair of contact lenses, enabled with AR technology.
There are many more types of VRs being developed by organizations, universities, and startups all over the world. All of them aspire for one thing – to become a one-stop-destination for all their consumers’ entertainment needs. To a large extent, their plans are quite practical too. Why would you bother to have multiple televisions at home, when all you need is one AR device to enjoy all your entertainment?


Perhaps the biggest move that the AR devices can make against the traditional screens will be to make the user experience much more immersive. With augmented reality, rendering content in 3D will become very easy. In addition to this, the 3D experience will be superior to anything we have seen so far, and make it a huge winning point for augmented reality. Perhaps, the only major competition the AR technology might face will be from virtual reality technology. The traditional screens like televisions will be simply outdated and a poor form of entertainment. They might continue to exist, just like radios do today, but they will cease being the centerpieces of our living rooms as well as our entertainment.

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Even if you don’t wish to get sold on the AR for its entertainment potential, there is a lot that this technology offers that you simply won’t be able to resist. For instance, you go to a mall and point your AR device at the outlets there. You will be able to see in real time the customer reviews, trending products, recommendations, and a host of such data. Perhaps, you are travelling, and find yourself in an emergency needing medical attention. Your AR device might use Google’s Street View feature to give a quick walkthrough to the nearest hospital. The potential of these devices is immense. You surely would want to get in on the bandwagon. In fact, the only thing that can hamper your efforts to buy an AR device is its price. Presently, many of these devices are quite pricey. But, as their production technology advances, and they become more popular, they will soon be as affordable as our smartphones. So, when that finally happens, prepare yourself for a television experience unlike anything you have ever dreamed of before. That TV set in your living room will look like a thing of previous century technology, and you will be left wondering why they didn’t come up with AR technology earlier.

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