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America’s Next Top Model

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It’s time to pop that booty model style. On this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model the girls start out in the house with bad blood. Laura has a minor, actually a rather major freak out moment when the stuffed animal that her dead friend gave her gets accidentally mutilated. She decides the blame the event on Kyle (who dropped its ear in the pool) instead of Sophie, the one who actually did the ripping. The event blows over but Laura is still holding grudges.

The girls are given a challenge for the week: performing and taping music videos. Naturally it is the Brits vs. the States and Lisa, the winner from ANTM All Stars is there to present the challenge. She also introduces each team’s mentors who are: Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud, for the Brits, and Jessica Suttra from the Pussycat Dolls, for the Americans.


The girls go over their verses and come up with names for each other, Fiercely British and Unites Sirens of America.

The next day everyone meets at the recording studio to record their lyrics and the Brits definitely blow the Americans out of the water. They had presence and personality in the first take. Kyle, on the American team had a bit of trouble bringing sensuality to her part and Azmarie lacked genuineness.

After the song was recorded it was time to learn the moves and who better to teach than Tyra. The girls walk into the studio and are greeted by Tyra, fake booty pads and spanks. All are excited except for Azmarie who refused to put on the pads and thus is asked to leave the session.

The rest of the girls then learn all the right and wrong ways to tooch aka, move their booties.

With all of the teaching out of the way the real shooting begins. The Brits start once again and the four girls really blow it away putting the pressure on the Americans.
When it is time for the Americans to go it is obvious who will win the overall challenge. The girls just didn’t deliver; Kyle was lacking confidence and did not know what to do with her face. Azmarie was a little bit too confident and the synchronized dance was everything but synchronized.

The elimination day brought fourth exactly what everyone watching the show already knew. The Brits blew their performance out of the water, it looked truly professional and each girl was absolutely intriguing in her own way.
The Americans however, were rather disappointing, not one of them could be compared to the Brits. Kyle fell flat due to lack of confidence. Azmarie got ridiculed for her attitude during practice as well as consistently during the show and Eboni made naive mistakes that the judges equated to her youth.

In the end it was Azmarie and Kyle in the bottom two and Azmarie who was sent home for her lack of cooperation. Tyra said she initially believed in her but Azmarie’s attitude is what caused her early downfall.


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