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9 Best Smart TV Apps


Smart TVs have become quite a phenomenon. They are not prohibitively expensive, and promise to offer a much better experience. Naturally, new TV buyers are opting for them. But, only a few of the households bother to enjoy the many additional benefits offered by smart TVs. The true potential of these television sets can only be realized when you connect them to the internet, download the apps, and enjoy a deluge of content available on them. Here are some of the best apps for your smart TVs, which may end up making your cable connection pretty much redundant.


In the world of streaming services, Netflix is an unchallenged leader of entertainment. Its library of TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other interesting content, is simply unparalleled. Unlike cable television, you don’t have to wait for new episodes to be released each week. Netflix offers entire seasons for binge watching. It even has its own award-winning original shows that you will fall in love with.


Skype gives you the purest form of ultra-futuristic experience that you can get with current technology. You can download the app on your TV, and use it to speak face-to-face with your buddies, and family. The entire experience feels like something that is right out of a sci-fi movie. You will love it.

HBO Go or HBO Now

HBO Go and HBO Now are two apps from HBO, which allow you to enjoy all of HBO’s content on the internet. If you already subscribe to HBO on your cable or satellite TV connection, then you can use your credentials to access HBO Go. If you don’t have the pay TV subscription to HBO, then you can download HBO Now, which allows anyone to access it as long as you purchase the subscription for HBO Now.



The thing about YouTube is that it won’t bring you latest movies or TV shows like cable TV, at least not for free. But, it does offer a lot of excellent content in the form of viral videos, funny videos, latest music, special interest videos, educational videos, and what not. You get unlimited entertainment on YouTube, all for free when you download this app.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon offers the app with two options – you can either pay for each video you watch, or buy a monthly or yearly blanket subscription. If you do subscribe, you get a Prime subscription, which comes with Amazon’s two-day delivery guarantee, multiple free Kindle books, and other freebies. Amazon does offer a huge library of content, which is worth the subscription. It even brings to you a lot of exclusive content to you too.


If you are wondering why anyone would bother to play music tracks on big TV, well, it depends on the person. Perhaps, you like to keep the music playing in the background while you go about your routine, or maybe you wish to enjoy the music while you and your friends are playing games. Whatever your reasons, you can’t deny that the big speakers connected to your TV give you a great experience.


Hulu Plus

The USP of Hulu Plus is that it not only offers you older seasons of a TV show, but also the latest episodes. In fact, it updates the episodes the very same day or the day after they have been aired on cable television. It comes with two premium packages, out of which the lower package features ads, while the higher package is mostly ad-free. If you love TV shows, it is difficult to find a replacement for Hulu Plus.


AccuWeather is your personal weather channel. You don’t have to wait for the weatherman to appear on TV. Any time you want to check the weather condition, forecasts, and other relevant information in your home city or in a city you are planning to go, you can just check this app. The app provides you a mine of weather related info that your weatherman would never bother to.


If you are a baseball fan, then MLB.TV is a must have for you. The app gives you access to everything baseball in America. You can stream and enjoy the latest matches and other games of the current season in HD. You can also enjoy games from the previous seasons. In addition to all of this, you get news updates, real time scores, and other information from around the league in real time. The subscription fee depends on whether it is the on-season or the off-season.


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