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9 Best Smart TV apps for your Samsung TV

samsung smart tv apps

The way the TV entertainment industry is taking shape, it is difficult to predict what the future will hold. Just two decades ago, cable TV and satellite were pretty much the only options. Then came the streaming devices and apps that totally changed the entertainment industry. Now, much of the smart TVs are seeking to even make those streaming sticks obsolete. Whether one of them will win or coexist together is a discussion for another day. Today, let’s have a look at the top apps that you should have on your Samsung Smart TV to fully enjoy its potential.


samsung smart tv apps netflix

When it comes to streaming services, Netflix is the undisputed champion of the lot. Sure, a lot of services are slowly catching up to Netflix, but it is the top streaming service by a huge margin. Its content library is the biggest among its competition, and it allows you to enjoy pretty much any show of your liking, any time you want. Moreover, Netflix is heavily investing in homegrown original shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and so on which have tasted immense success. It goes without saying that Netflix will continue to be the unchallenged king in entertainment, at least in the near future.

Amazon Instant Video

samsung smart tv apps amazon instant video

Amazon Instant Video is following Netflix like a shadow. Like the leader, Amazon is also building up a huge content library. One great feature about Amazon Instant Video is that you can download your favorite shows, and watch them later offline as well, which is pretty rare. Also, it is striking deals with many content producers, broadcasters, and movie studios to bring a lot of content to your smart TV.


samsung smart tv apps hulu

Until recently, Hulu had been plagued by ads. Now, ads are the biggest reason for cord-cutters to become, well, cord-cutters. However, Hulu has now released another tier in its packages, which is completely ad-free, barring less than 10 select shows. The service is quite affordable, and offers excellent content. In fact, its TV show library is one of the best in the industry, although don’t expect to find many movies worth watching there.


samsung smart tv apps ted

While the above apps were mostly into entertainment, this one is not. If you have never heard of TED, it’s basically an organization that hosts conferences all over the world, and people discuss revolutionary ideas in their field – everything from global politics to the coolest inventions. The speakers at the events usually talk for only a few minutes but leave a lasting impact. It is a great source for learning new things.

HBO Now and HBO GO

samsung smart tv apps hbo go hbo now

If you love HBO’s programming, such as Game of Thrones, Last Week Tonight, and The Wire, then one of these two apps is a must. They are both from HBO, and there is only one difference between them. HBO Go can be accessed only by users who have a cable subscription to HBO channels. On the other hand, anyone can sign up for HBO Now.


samsung smart tv apps napster

Yes, Napster is still alive. No, it is no more the pirate king it used to be. It has taken a different form now. Currently, it is owned by Best Buy, and has been merged with Rhapsody. Napster has a good collection of music for your pleasure. It even offers the feature of downloading the content. Other than these, it has a lot of cool features worth noting. Check it out.


samsung smart tv apps youtube

YouTube has transformed immensely over the last few years. It is no longer the place you visited only when you wanted to watch funny cat videos. Professional teams work in studios to produce high quality content for the service, under various channels on YouTube. There is a lot of outstanding content worth your time. The free version has ads, as always, but the sheer amount of good content gives YouTube bonus points.


samsung smart tv apps spotify

Just like Napster, Spotify is another app that lets you play music in the background while you go about your routine at home. The difference is that Spotify has a bigger collection of music, and even comes with a free version. The free version has ads, and you can always go for the premium version to get rid of them.


samsung smart tv apps vudu

VUDU is a digital video rental service from Walmart. It does not offer a monthly subscription, and you have to pay per video basis. The rates vary, but are quite affordable. The good thing about VUDU is that it brings a lot of latest movies to the table. Its library of old and classic movies is quite impressive too.

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